Breed Points



The Welsh Mule is the progeny of a registered Bluefaced Leicester ram crossed with a Welsh Mountain, Beulah Speckled-face or Welsh Hill Speckled-face ewe, hardy, healthy Welsh hill and mountain breeds which impart their best qualities on their offspring.





The Welsh Mule is a sharp, alert ewe showing good length and having depth throughout.  It has strength of bone, stands squarely on sound feed and is strong on the pastern.


2.         HEAD


The head can vary in colour, reflecting the character of the parent ewe.  The Welsh Mule from the Welsh Mountain ewe can be white or slightly tanned, while the Mule from the Beulah Speckled-face or Welsh Hill Speckled-face will preferably show a distinctly marked brown mottled or speckled-face.  However, ewes with very dark or even black faces should be recognised as Welsh Mules provided that all the other characteristics of a Welsh Mule are evident, including skin, ears, shape of head and type of wool.


3.        MOUTH


           Correct dentition is important with short, broad teeth


4.        EARS


           Ears are obliquely set and not too thick, of medium length


5.        BODY


           The body is long and deep with well sprung ribs having good hindquarters with width between the hocks.  The udder must be sound.  Legs should be similar in colour to the face.


6.        TAIL


           Tails should be three to four inches long and must cover the vulva


7.        WOOL


           A close textured fleece, slightly crinkled and is of high quality.  Black wool is undesirable.