Sales Conditions

New Conditions of Sale Entry

The association has recently been advised to review its conditions of sale entry and bring the association into line with current best practice while at the same time, making it clear that that the association is not party to any contract. If any vendor or buyer has any queries, then please contact the association’s secretary.

The new conditions of sale entry are as follows:

a)     “The Association is not a party to any contract to purchase animals at the sale.  The Association accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss arising from the sale of sheep in the Association’s official sales.

b)     Whilst the Association makes available to intending and actual purchasers the services of its Field Officer, the Association does not accept liability for any advice, omission, opinion or inspection undertaken by the officially appointed Panel of Inspectors or the Association’s Field Officer either prior, during or after the sale.  It is for the Vendor and the Purchaser to satisfy themselves as to the quality of the livestock in the auction.

c)     Whilst the Association endeavours to ensure the quality of sheep presented in the official sales and arranges for all sheep on offer to be inspected by an approved Panel of Inspectors the Association makes or gives no warranty in relation to the sheep presented for sale and the Association does not accept any liability whatsoever for any issue that may arise in relation to the quality or health of the animals presented for sale.

d)     Whilst the Association will use its best endeavours to ensure the quality and health of the livestock on offer for sale, the Association and its Officers accept no liability, howsoever arising, to either Purchasers or Vendors for any injuries or illness suffered by livestock entered into the sale.  It is the Vendors obligation to ensure that all livestock entered is suitable for the sale and in compliance with the conditions of entry.

e)     If the parties are unable to agree upon the determination of any sum or monetary obligation due from one party to the other in connection with this agreement or in relation to any other dispute relating to livestock sold or purchased at the auction, the buyer and the seller agree that the dispute or difference shall be settled by an expert to be appointed by agreement between the parties or, in default of agreement, by the Association, such person to act as expert and not as arbitrator and his decision to be binding on the parties.”